YOUtopia 2019: The Little Regional That Could

SDCAP and the YOUtopia Production Leadership Team are thrilled to announce YOUtopia 2019 is Wednesday, October 23 to Sunday, October 27, 2019! The charming, gracious, unrelentingly stylish, dare-we-say-sexy proprietors of Wasteland Weekend are welcoming us to their property near California City, CA, a smidge north of Los Angeles.
We know you have oodles of questions about this new-to-us venue, and we pinky-swear promise you answers will be forthcoming. Stay tuned to your email and social media in the coming days for announcements about ticket sales and event details. In the meantime, sleep easy knowing:

  • General Admission ticket prices are staying the same.
  • The Leadership Team has revamped a number of policies to make things more enjoyable for volunteers, artists, and theme camps.
  • You’ll never again have to camp on a pile of rocks surrounded by poison oak, with your besties on the other side of a stream.
  • No. More. Hills.

We are immensely grateful for the outpouring of support, ideas, and encouragement we received from all corners of the San Diego Burning Man community. It’s been stressful being in limbo for so long, and we were able to power through fueled by the knowledge that YOUtopia is deeply important to so many people. We’re obviously behind schedule, but we have an amazing team and many years of event leadership expertise on our side. And still, we need YOU to keep YOUtopia alive! Now that we have a venue, the real work begins, and as a 100% volunteer-run organization, we always need people who embrace the 10 Principles of Burning Man to step up and participate in our do-ocracy. If you want to get involved and have the bandwidth to take on a big ol’ chunk of responsibility, email to inquire about department management roles. If regular Burner-style volunteerism is your jam, sit tight and wait for volunteer applications to open in a couple weeks and then submit your application.
Start working on your art, your outfits, your theme camp, and your LNT plan. We’ll see you in the dust!