YOUtopia 2017 Afterburn Report

The YOUtopia 2017 theme, “YOUtopia or Dystopia – Spectrum of Reality” was chosen by the leads team after a long deliberation early in 2017. “Taco Space Cat” was a close 2nd with strong supporters of both themes. With the 2 themes being pretty much opposites on the “seriousness scale”, Taco Space Cat was adopted as an inside joke and unofficial 2nd theme. While the official theme elicited many deep and thoughtful art contributions, the unofficial theme helped keep things light and fun!
YOUtopia 2017 was a smashing success from a production perspective! While there is always room for improvement and we always encounter new situations, it’s safe to say we have the event production dialed in.
YOUtopia is organized by close to 500 volunteers! The ~400 on-site volunteers are the engine of our event and are relied on heavily to help things run smoothly. The 52 Department Leads work year-round to ensure their slice of the event is well-run. 9 Hub Leads organize their Department Leads, keep track of the pulse of their teams and ensure we’re on target. 2 Producers select the Dept and Hub Leads, oversee the entire process, maintain the event vision, enact the directives of the board and are responsible for all aspects of the event. 9 Board Directors take financial responsiblity for YOUtopia, select the 2 Producers and ensure the long term health of the event.

“The Sacred Journey”

Please explore the links below to go more in-depth about YOUtopia’s production team!
Our In and Out Hub makes sure everyone arrives and leaves safely with minimal wait times.
Our Logistics Hub ensures the event has the critical infrastructure needed for everything to run smoothly.
Our Admin Hub works largely behind the scenes to ensure we’re all organized and operating efficiently.
Our Content Hub is responsible for empowering artists and participants by managing art grants and laying out the city.
Our Safety Hub works to ensure the wellbeing of all YOUtopia participants and the event site.
Our Producers organize the leads team, keep us focused, and work to maintain the big picture.
The Dada Scientists are at it again! Check out their way-highly-scientifical-analyses of all things YOUtopia.
Curious where all your ticket money goes? (hint: it’s mostly food for the unicorns)
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“Hug Deli”