The Best Laid Plans

If you’ve been keeping track, gentle reader, you know we had a plan. A lovely, well-paced plan to transition the YOUtopia production structure over the course of 2 years. We planned to keep things mostly the same for 2019, and use it as a transition year to prepare for the new structure in 2020. In order to keep things mostly the same, we needed to maintain the Co-Producer positions. But no one applied for the job. For some historical context, 2018 was the first year we had an open application process for the Co-Producer role and there were 3 applicants for 2 positions. In 2017 and earlier, outgoing Co-Producers more or less selected their successors. For a variety of reasons, that method was no longer sustainable, and we switched to open applications for 2018 and 2019.
When we realized we had no applicants for the Co-Producer roles, we decided to hold an open meeting to talk about the path forward. We invited everyone who’d previously reached out to us to express interest in YOUtopia 2019 leadership as well as prior Hub & Department Leads. The open meeting was held at CoLab on 1/17/19 and was comprised of the SDCAP BOD plus 10 people who’ve been in various YOUtopia  leadership roles. In the course of that meeting, we decided to forge ahead with the team model for 2019, a full year ahead of schedule.
We are jumping off the cliff and sewing the parachute on the way down.
Which bring us to the shiny new Production Leads Team Role Description and Application. We outlined the overall idea of the Production LeadsTeam in a prior post and the Role Description should offer some additional insight. We expect interested candidates to have a lot of questions about how it’s all going to work, and the best thing we can tell you is: start thinking about how you want to make it work. It’s a collaborative endeavor and it’s largely going to be up to the Production Leads Team to design itself: its culture, its policies & procedures, and its methods for accountability. Yes, the BOD is going to provide oversight (it’s literally our job), but the BOD is not the Production Team.
We’re excited about the implementation of a team model and look forward to seeing your applications. If you have any questions prior to applying, please email