SDCAP Minutes – June 28, 2017

Board of Directors Meeting (Regular)
San Diego Collaborative Arts Project, a California Non-Profit Corporation
(the “Corporation”)
June 28, 2017
San Diego, CA
MINUTES OF A MEETING of the Board of Directors of the Corporation (the “Board’) held on the 28th day of June, 2017 at  7:00 p.m. at Colab in San Diego, California.  

  1. President’s Declaration

As regular Board meetings do not require notice to the Board pursuant to the Corporation’s Bylaws, President Colin Jemmott acted as Chairman of the meeting and Lisa Walden acted as Secretary in the absence of Cassa.
Paul McCarthy, Board member called the meeting to order at 7:04pm; Colin President arrived 7:12pm.

  1. Quorum

The President noted that a quorum of the Board was present and declared the Meeting open for the transaction of business.
Those in attendance and constituting a quorum were:
Board Members Present: Colin Jemmott, Cable King, Paul McCarthy, Lisa Walden,  Kim Eisenberg and Ken Simmons.
Absent:  Cassy Haynes, Curt Benedetto, Stephanie Curcrillo,
Community Members Present: Jon Ray, Meg, Brigid and Natural, Gia, Fin, Alicia, Liat,

  1. Approval of Agenda

The President previously circulated the Agenda to Board via email. The Board approved the Agenda via email.

  1. Minutes of Previous Meeting of the Board  – There was no discussion regarding the meeting minutes.  

ON MOTION DULY MADE BY KIM EISENBERG, SECONDED BY KEN SIMMONS AND CARRIED, IT WAS RESOLVED THAT the minutes of the meeting of the Board held on 6-14-17 be approved.

  1. President’s Report   




  1. Treasurer’s Report  


  • We made lots of money
  • Ticket sales over $150k so far
  • Cable agreed to provide a income statement for next meeting to continue to each meeting.


  1. Secretary’s Report – N/A


  1. Regional Contact Report – N/A


  1. Youtopia Report –  Jon Ray


  • Tier one tickets sold out in record time
  • All RV passes are sold out
  • Website is amazing beyond expectations and a great appreciation to all those involved to make it work
  • Site visit on 6-25-17 went well, Very hot, River moved due to rain. Created a site map application for logistical use and placement.
  • Generator plan is almost done


  1. Colab Report -Danksa


  • Colab fundraiser is in full swing for 7-17-17 everyone is excited.
  • New lock purchased and installed
  • All the build teams are doing great jobs following the protocols at colab
  • Still looking to add to the “management” team
  • Danksa still handling CoLab affairs daily
  • New cameras were received and installed and active for full interior viewing


  1. Additional Business


    • Gaia Ombudsman contributed to the Conflict Resolution Document and the BOD agreed with her changes to the document. The document will be adopted soon.
    • 2nd event RFP
      • Comfortable with it going out as is with revised changes
      • Kim will finalize changes and submit for final review and distribution
    • Civic Art Grants – Ken will work with Curt and Stephanie to create discussion and document reviews.
    • Producer Selection; Fin agreed to get a shared document started with the BOD to review.
    • New Board member selection process; Waiting on BMorg to send information relating to Community Feedback forms as used for RCs (so that Board may use as a template/starting point for new Board member selection); Colin to follow up with BMorg.Fin will be reaching out to Meta RC to see if she can get this information.
    • Code of Conduct Committee; There is community interest; Board to create parameters and process.  Small group met after meeting to exchange contact info and generate a list of names of people possibly interested in being on this committee.


  • MOVED TO NEXT MEETING: On call shifts at YOUtopia for BOD members ( Stephanie was absent); Who wants to be in the sub committee was pushed due to lack of BOD members present. Cancellation insurance for YOUtopia moved Cassy was absent.


  1. Termination of Meeting

There being no further business, ON MOTION DULY MADE, SECONDED AND CARRIED, the meeting was adjourned at 8:39 PM.