SDCAP Meeting Minutes, September 16, 2015

Board Members in Attendance: Colin, Paul, Lisa, Nicole, Cable, Touch
Non-Board Members in Attendance: Jackal, Bob, Meg, John Ray, Sean Natural, Brooke, Charles, Christina, Dag
Meeting called to order at 7:06 by Nicole
Colin moves to approve 8/19/2015 minutes, Touch seconds, board unanimously approves.
Treasury Report: Current balance is $163,638.04.  Spending was Youtopia art grants and land.
Christina Hebert, CPA, JD was interested in quarterly meetings to help make sure we are in compliance.  Will get the process of getting D&O insurance for the board started.
Colab report: still waiting on bank account, website.  Lots of new things going on.
Discussion of new board member election timing and process.  Paul moves to move the date of its community consultation for new board members from March 1 to the last Sunday of January.  Lisa seconded.  Board unanimously approves.  
Youtopia update: racetrack rented.  Event cancellation insurance being investigated.  Discussion of safety and other topics.
Touch moves that the board accepts the Youtopia safety policies and SOPs as official working documents suitable for publishing as Youtopia leads see fit. Nicole seconds, board unanimously approves.  
Next meeting will be the 30th of September and the following on the 7th of October.
Meeting adjourned at 9:00

You can view a full history of SDCAP minutes here.