SDCAP Meeting Minutes, June 10, 2015

Board members in attendance: Jenn Giddens, Chris “Cable” King, Paul McCarthy, Lisa “Danksa” Walden, Jake Holler, Nicole Hickman, Colin Jemmott, Greg “Touch” Davidson (remote)
Non board members in attendance: Jon Ray, Sean “Natural” Nash
Call to order at 7:05
Additions to agenda: Cable’s suggestion about YOUtopia ticket prices

Jenn moves to “approve last week’s minutes”, Colin seconds, board approves.

Treasury report:

Balance: $47,341.70
Colab update
Proceeds from Road Warriors Fundraiser: $140.00 (cash)
YOUtopia update

Jenn moves to “replace Persepsion as the main Eventbrite account holder and replace her with Cable”, Paul seconds, board approves.

Cable presentation on SD Burner Pride Contingent
Colin proposes “we give $600 to the SD Burner Pride Contingent”, Nicole seconds, board approves.
Jenn moves “to approve the list of SDCAP equipment for use during the Dr. Hyas Balze Fundraiser on June 13 to be checked out by Jake with Danksa on Friday”, Colin seconds, board approves.

Jenn adjourns meeting at 9:02

You can view a full history of SDCAP minutes here.