SDCAP Meeting Minutes April 27, 2016

Board of Directors Meeting (Regular)
San Diego Collaborative Arts Project, a California Non-Profit Corporation
(the “Corporation”)
April 27, 2016
San Diego, CA
MINUTES OF A MEETING of the Board of Directors (of the Corporation (the “Board’) held on the 27th day of April, 2016 at  7:00 p.m. at Colab in San Diego, California.

  • President’s Declaration

As regular Board meetings do not require notice to the Board pursuant to the Corporation’s Bylaws, President Colin Jemmott acted as Chairman of the meeting and Cassy Haynes acted as Secretary.
President Jemmott called the regular Board meeting to order at 7:08 PM.

  • Quorum

The President noted that a quorum of the Board was present and declared the Meeting open for the transaction of business.
Those in attendance and constituting a quorum were:
Board Members Present: Colin Jemmott, Cassy Haynes, Curt Benedetto, Paul McCarthy, Lisa Walden, Stephanie Cucurullo, Cable King, Jake Holler (Jake arrived @ approximately 7:40)
Absent:  Greg Davidson (excused)
Community Members Present: Kienen Mason, Finn Turner

  • Approval of Agenda

The President previously circulated the Agenda to Board via email. The Board approved the Agenda via email.

  • Minutes of Previous Meeting of the Board

There was no discussion regarding the 4/13/16 meeting minutes as the minutes had been previously circulated to Board via email.
ON MOTION DULY MADE BY STEPHANIE CUCURULLO, SECONDED AND CARRIED, IT WAS RESOLVED THAT the minutes of the meeting of the Board held on 4/13/16 be approved.

  • Treasurer’s Report

Treasurer Cable King explained that the bank’s online system was down and he was unable to access in order to provide the Treasurer’s report in time for the meeting.
President Jemmott requested to include the Treasury Report on the Corporation’s website and to include a summary of spending for the previous fiscal year.   President Jemmott requested assistance in drafting the summary for the website.
ON MOTION DULY MADE BY PRESIDENT JEMMOTT, SECONDED AND CARRIED, IT WAS RESOLVED THAT the Treasury Report be uploaded to the Corporation’s website.
Treasurer Cable King explained to the Board that the Corporation’s bank requested the Corporation pass a banking resolution in order to add Curt Benedetto as an authorized signatory to the Corporation’s bank accounts.  Therefore, Treasurer Cable King.requested that the Board pass a resolution to add Curt as a signatory to the bank accounts as Assistant Treasurer.
Resolution:                The following resolution was passed by the Board as an ordinary resolution:
                                  THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS RESOLVED:

  1. that Curt Benedetto shall be authorized to perform the function as Assistant Treasurer and shall be added to the Corporation’s bank accounts as an authorized signatory.


  • Regional Contact (“RC”) Report

Fin was the only RC present at the meeting.  Fin clarified certain RC concerns regarding conflict resolution.  The RC’s have requested that the Board work together with RCs to draft protocol/policy to deal with community conflict issues as they arise.
Fin and Kienan worked together to create a calendar app for the community to utilize for the various events that are sponsored by members of the community. RCs will vet the events before they are included on the calendar.  The calendar app “go live” announcement was made to the community on 4/27/16.
Fin discussed the Afterburn Report.  RCs and Youtopia Co-Orchestrators are the parties’ required to complete and submit the Afterburn Report to BMORG.  Paul agreed to work with Fin in order to put the Afterburn Report in final form for submission to BMORG.

  • Youtopia Report

Jake spoke regarding the status of Youtopia.  Presently Youtopia needs to fill the Ticketing and Content Hub lead positions.  The open positions need to be filled ASAP.
The Race Track contract for parking has been fully executed.
Except for Play Shops and City Planning, presently Youtopia is on track for ticketing.

  • Announcements

President Jemmott reminded the Board of the scheduled retreat coming up on April 30th and May 1st.  President Jemmott requested that Board confirm their attendance at the meeting and provided a drafted retreat schedule for the Board to review.  President Jemmott will work on the agenda and circulate it via email to the Board prior to the scheduled retreat.
(i) Action Item
        Old business:  There was no old business brought before the Board.
New business:  There was no new business brought before the Board.

  • Termination of Meeting

There being no further business, ON MOTION DULY MADE, SECONDED AND CARRIED, the meeting was adjourned at 7:55 PM.
Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 7.57.30 AM
Cassandra L Haynes, Secretary