SDCAP Meeting Minutes, April 13, 2016

Board Members in attendance: Colin, Touch, Danksa, Cable, Jake, Paul, Cassy, Stephanie, Curt & Dominic
Non-board members: Gaia, Meg, Jon Ray, Nicole, Brady, Fin, Dean, Natural, Dag, Meg, and, Elise
Meeting called to order by Colin at 7:06
Paul moved to approve 3/28/16 minutes, Curt seconded, unanimously approved.
Treasury report: $74,789.15
Reports from Jake regarding meeting with Maker Faire representatives
Youtopia  Report
Youtopia Budget Discussion (budget not approved, matter tabled for further Board discussion on 4/20)
Follow-up discussion with RCs
Report from Elise regarding Media Policy for Youtopia
Meeting adjourned at 9:48