SDCAP Board Meeting Minutes, June 8, 2016

Board of Directors Meeting (Regular)

San Diego Collaborative Arts Project, a California Non-Profit Corporation

(the “Corporation”)

June 8, 2016

San Diego, CA

MINUTES OF A MEETING of the Board of Directors of the Corporation (the “Board’) held on the 8th day of June, 2016 at  7:00 p.m. at Colab in San Diego, California.
President’s Declaration
As regular Board meetings do not require notice to the Board pursuant to the Corporation’s Bylaws, President Colin Jemmott acted as Chairman of the meeting and Cassy Haynes acted as Secretary.
President Jemmott called the regular Board meeting to order at 7:03 PM.
The President noted that a quorum of the Board was present and declared the Meeting open for the transaction of business.
Those in attendance and constituting a quorum were:
Board Members Present: Colin Jemmott, Cassy Haynes, Curt Benedetto, Paul McCarthy, Lisa Walden, Stephanie Cucurullo, Cable King, and Greg Davidson (Greg via Google Hangout & Phone).
Absent:  Dominic Moretto (attempted phone but call was lost)
Community Members Present: Meg King, Brady Mahaney, Dag, Natural, Fin, Christian and Sami
Approval of Agenda
The President previously circulated the Agenda to Board via email. The Board approved the Agenda via email.
Minutes of Previous Meeting of the Board
There was no discussion regarding the meeting minutes.  
ON MOTION DULY MADE BY PAUL MCCARTHY, SECONDED AND CARRIED, IT WAS RESOLVED THAT the minutes of the meeting of the Board held on 5/25/16 be approved.
President’s Report
Treasurer’s Report
Treasurer Cable King emailed Treasury Report to Board members prior to meeting.
CNC Router was purchased.
Bank still routing Curt’s paperwork
Secretary’s Report
Secretary Cassy Haynes reported that she is working with the insurance company regarding securing cancellation insurance.
Cassy reported that all documents from Dean Koci have been transferred to SDCAP
Regional Contact (“RC”) Report – None
Youtopia Report
Jake reported that nearly all departments are filled; interviews scheduled for remaining spots; status is good
Lead meeting to set timelines to occur on 6/9/16
Tickets released for sale on 6/10/16
Afterburn Report will completed by Fin and transmitted to BMORG ASAP.
Meg King requested SDCAP purchase safety book
Fin will create template for future Afterburn Reports
Colab Report
Colab Management met with Martin to create processes, etc. regarding use of CNC Router and classes.
Scheduling of Glass classes have changed
Cassy requested from Colab Management a list of equipment  (including equipment of others) located at Colab
Cassy requested copies of Paul and Honeybear’s agreements with Colab
Art Grant Requests
(a) Mini-Man 2.0 (Curt):   Received 2 proposals (info sent to Board via email); Discussion of pro’s and cons of each proposal occurred.
ON MOTION DULY MADE BY STEPH CUCURULLO, SECONDED AND CARRIED, IT WAS RESOLVED THAT subject to the execution and delivery of a contract setting forth the terms of the artwork and grant, SDCAP will give $4,066.20 and a donation letter for additional services rendered  to Brock Ritchey, Wylie Wedly and Lindsey Lawlor for the design, construction and installation of Mini-Man 2.0.
(b) Normal House – Sami
Mural on Normal House done by Normal Heights community at Art About Adams on 6/4/16. Sami circulated photos of the mural.  Photos & description will be added to SDCAP website.
300 people participated
$987 donated via independent donors
$716 donated  via Indiegogo campaign
$266 remained unfunded
ON MOTION DULY MADE BY STEPHANIE CUCURULLO, SECONDED AND CARRIED*, IT WAS RESOLVED THAT, subject to the Normal House’s donation of paint to SDCAP, SDCAP will give $266 to the Normal House for the mural project.  
(*Colin Jemmott abstained)
(c) CNC Router
Curt and Lisa will reach out to artists which agreed to donate artwork for Kickstarter campaign.
Kickstarter campaign will launch on 6/15/16.
(d) Pride Parade
Cable King presented proposal for San Diego Burning Man contingent in the 2016 San Diego Pride Parade.  Requested $1,480 as a budget for float, decorations, etc.
This year the contingent is entering a float in the parade in addition to walkers, hoopers, bikers and circus performers.
Last year’s participation by the SD Burning Man community strong, especially given weather conditions.
Did not include schwag to gift people in original budget; requested additional funding ($200).
ON MOTION DULY MADE BY JAKE HOLLER, SECONDED AND CARRIED*, IT WAS RESOLVED THAT SDCAP will give $1,680.00 to the Pride Parade Committee for the San Diego Burning Man contingent and float in the 2016 San Diego Pride Parade.
(*Cable King abstained)
Announcements –
Paul suggested SDCAP commence Youtopia Producer selection process ASAP.
Minor discussion regarding potential process occurred.
Colin requested that Board members create proposal to present to Board for criteria/process Producer selection.
Issue was otherwise tabled.
Termination of Meeting
There being no further business, ON MOTION DULY MADE, SECONDED AND CARRIED, the meeting was adjourned at 9:08 PM.
Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 7.57.30 AM
Cassandra L Haynes, Secretary