Conflict of Interest Agreement

Conflict of Interest Agreement
As a member of the Board of Directors of the San Diego Collaborative Arts Project, hereinafter “SDCAP”, I agree to adhere to the following standards of behavior:
It is of critical importance to monitor and disclose potential conflicts of interest between the organization and its board of directors. As a result, SDCAP has adopted the practice of annually updating its files in regard to this matter.
In accordance with the spirit of transparency and in an effort to prevent real or perceived conflicts of interest, each board member shall adhere to the following policies:

  •                Directors and committee leads shall disclose to SDCAP any personal or family interest which s/he may have in any matter pending before SDCAP and shall refrain from participation in any decision on such matters.
  •                No member of SDCAP Board shall derive any personal profit or gain, directly or indirectly, by reason of his/her participation as a board member of SDCAP, including any contract or monetary transaction, other than a reimbursed expense, directly between SDCAP and a Director.
  •                Unless approved by majority of the Board, Directors must refrain from entering into any monetary transaction between SDCAP and another organization or individual.
  •                Each board member of SDCAP shall refrain from using the list of members or any other privileged information for personal or private solicitation purposes.

I am not now financially interested in any contract or other monetary transaction entered into by the Board of Directors of SDCAP except as disclosed hereafter. I will not enter into any agreements for my personal gain, or for the gain of any family member or household member or other close relation of mine, with the board during my term of service on the Board, nor during my one year cooling off period, as defined by the California Nonprofit Integrity Act. I will not use my knowledge of confidential or privileged information to profit in any way.
Please mark one of the following:
□ I have no conflicts to disclose at this time. I will complete a new form if any potential conflict should arise.
□ There is a potential to perceive a conflict of interest. I have attached a signed and dated explanation of any reasonably perceived potential conflict of interest, and will keep the board apprised of any changes.
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