Incoming 2020 Board Members

This is my last blog post, gentle reader, because my term on the SDCAP Board of Directors is coming to an end. In order to celebrate/mourn my survival of 3 years of BOD service, I’ve decided to plagiarize my own blog post from last year and provide a numerical overview of the new BOD member selection process.

  • 3 – minimum number of positions we needed to fill
  • 5 – ideal number of positions we wanted to fill to get back up to 9 members, which is our comfy zone
  • 2 – current BOD members terming out (me and Ken Simmons)
  • 1 – current BOD member who has graciously agreed to serve for another year (Cassy Haynes)
  • 4 – applications received 
  • 4 – applications received from people who were actually qualified for service and therefore invited to interview 
  • 3 – number of BOD meetings it took to interview all of them
  • 50 – average degrees Fahrenheit at those BOD meetings, meaning the candidates all learned quickly to bring blankets and hats
  • 20 – number of people who filled out the Community Feedback Survey online 
  • 4 – shiny new Board members to be sworn in on 3/11/20:
    • Alicia Smith
    • James McDermott
    • Stephanie Zierenberg
    • Rebecca Cloudy

Thanks to everyone who participated and a huge thank you to our 4 new Directors for their willingness to serve!