SDCAP Board Members

Dan Reeves, SDCAP President, term ends 2022: Dan graduated from San Diego State University with a BFA in Sculpture in 2005, where he focused on utilizing wood, glass, metal and clay. He is currently co-owner of Mid Century, a furniture store in San Diego, where he works to restore and refurbish furniture on a daily basis. He spends his free time making ever larger structures, typically out of wood, with his last large installation being the The Journey, a 2017 Burning Man project. A frequent burner, he’s committed to creating art large and small on the playa and beyond and looks forward to helping others do the same.

Ali Smith-Shapard, SDCAP Secretary, term ends 2023: Ali is a theater and book nerd who graduated from San Diego State University with an MA in Rhetoric and Writing, where she focused on public memory and community spaces. She currently works in research ethics, keeping researchers in line with safety and consent rules. Her first YOUtopia was in 2015, and she’s been gifting cheese and flippin’ pizzas for YOUtopians ever since. She’s volunteered for YOUtopia, Figment, Oceanside Days of Art, and various nonprofits. She’s a fan of outreach, participation, and creative problem-solving.

Karallyn Kruse, SDCAP Treasurer, term ends 2021:  Karallyn’s life has always revolved around architecture and construction, so when she first visited Black Rock City, she knew she had found her home. A “non-place” for experimental art, Burning Man became a canvas for Karallyn to create space. While her art piece is developing, she had to find a different way to engage the community. Until this past year, Karallyn was a rogue Burner and practiced Radical Self Reliance like there was no other way. Now with the openness and belonging that is inherent to the Burning Man culture, Karallyn was inspired to engage in a different way, the Board of Directors for SDCAP.

Cassy Haynes, Director, term ends 2021: Cassy’s first Burning Man event was the Burn, in 2007. Like thousands before and after her, she was blown away as soon as she arrived on playa.  She’s been volunteering with the Burning Man community since 2007 with her first volunteer gig working at Center Camp hustling coffee to Burners from around the world.  She’s passionate about her community and supporting others in their quest to make their art!  She’s a fiery member of the XSL crew (GO HAZE!) and loves working behind the scenes and serving her community.

Bob Syfrett, Director, term ends 2022: Nine time burner and former Lamplighter Workspace Manager. Met my wife at Burning Man my first year. Graduated from Cal State San Marcos in 2005 with a degree in Social Science. Went into the insurance industry for a decade but was able to escape before my soul got eaten. Now the Admin for a couple of wayward non-profits. Assisted in putting on events in Balboa Park, including three Maker Faires. I live in a collaborative, hippy house and have an irrational affinity for weird, little dogs. My art is ephemeral, intentionally so. When your medium is food, the best thing that can happen is there is none left at the end.

James McDermott, Director, term ends 2023: I am an 8 time Burner and a 2 time Youtopian.  Like many before me, the Burn opened my eyes to a magnificent world of creators of which I humbly aspire!  I truly believe in giving back and have volunteered at San Diego AIDS Foundation, Momma’s Kitchen, SDHoops, Different Strokes Swim Team and on and on.  My first Youtopia I spent nearly the entire event as a volunteer, driving Youtopians around in a shuttle and had a great time!!  I look forward to helping SDCAP, making new friends and planting deeper roots in the San Diego Burner community!!  Come say hi to me at Camp Uli Baba!!!

Rebecca Nuvoletta, Director, term ends 2023: Rebecca is a multidisciplinary artist working in video, light sculpture, voice and interactive installation. Much of her work employs infusion of the sacred gaze into found and recycled objects combined with emergent technology plastic and light mediums. Heavily influenced by academic studies in classical music as well as her involvement in NYC’s underground electronic art and music, Nuvoletta’s work explores life on the edge of the emerging fractal. Projects in voice have included engagements in Italy, Costa Rica, Mexico, New York City and throughout the United States. She is a member of the art collective Disorient, creating and project managing interactive and LED art installations throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn, San Diego and at Burning Man. She holds a Bachelors of Music in Vocal Performance from the University of Alaska, Anchorage.

Stephanie Zierenberg, Director, term ends 2023: Everyone has their favorite of the 10 Principles, and Steph’s are Communal Effort and Radical Inclusion. They form the foundation of her approach to life and its challenges, as none of us truly achieves anything alone. Having been sucked into the Volunteer Vortex, she volunteers at several regionals in DPW/operations capacities, and supports your welcome to TTITD as a Greeter Lead.  In Default, you’ll find her happily hosting impromptu potlucks, cultivating her garden, and getting paid to attack problems and fill logistical gaps.