San Diego at the Global Leadership Conference 2017

What is the GLC?
2017 marks the Eleventh Annual Burning Man Global Leadership Conference (GLC), a gathering of Regional Contacts, community leaders, and Burning Man staff. The GLC is Burning Man’s flagship educational event, bringing together community leaders from across the Network for four playful, celebratory days of skill-sharing, knowledge exchange, and relationship building to promote leadership and community development around the world.
The GLC originated in 2007, in the former Burning Man headquarters at San Francisco’s 16th & 3rd Streets. Initially named the Regional Leadership Summit, the conference hosted approximately 80 people who participated from around the world. Workshops were mainly led by Burning Man staff, while attendees and staffers alike forged connections. As that first Summit unfolded, participants witnessed the positive knowledge sharing and deepening of relationships that occurred, and organizers knew they’d continue to convene annually. The event size has increased with each subsequent year with attendance broadening beyond Regional Contacts to include event producers, community organizers, and other movers and shakers who have influenced their regions with their ideas, input, and actions.
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Why is it important?
Over the years the RCs and SDCAP have worked together to send leaders from the San Diego region to share their experiences as well as learn from others from across the globe. The valuable connections and knowledge that is exchanged helps community leaders to grow and build leadership skills which in turn improves the production of YOUtopia, fosters CoLab and supports the capacity of our 501c3 SDCAP to do more and do it better.
Who gets to go?
Each year BMorg gives our region access to a limited number of tickets (in 2017 10 were made available to RCs and 10 to SDCAP) and we work collaboratively to select invitees (RCs received direct invitations in addition to the 20). Invitations typically go to the current producers of YOUtopia, new SDCAP board members, YOUtopia Hub leaders, leaders in other parts of the community (major art projects, Burners Without Borders etc.) and some rising stars. Those that have taken an active role in local leadership and are interested in attending can always put their name in the hat when it comes time for the GLC invites for 2018.
Why do we provide financial support?
For the past few years SDCAP has offered invitees a stipend designed to defray a portion of the cost of attending the GLC.  This year we gave $500 to each person which covers the ticket fee (@ $210) and a portion of travel, accommodation and food expenses (hotels rooms cost up to $800 for the weekend). Most individuals end up contributing as much from their own pockets – even after economizing as best they can by ride-sharing and room-sharing – because the Bay Area is an expensive place! We give this stipend for a number of reasons:

  1. Many invitees would be unable to attend without the financial support,
  2. We believe in supporting the education and personal development of leaders in our community,
  3. All attendees have already demonstrated an ongoing commitment to our community through active involvement with projects that serve the community,
  4. All attendees commit to bringing back and sharing their insights with the community at large, and
  5. Many attendees participate in panel discussions and lectures at the GLC – contributing their knowledges and experience back to the wider international Burning Man community.

What’s the purpose of these reviews?
We’re hosting a Town Hall to talk about the GLC on May 21st at CoLab and hope you’ll come out to participate in the conversation. However, it’s all but impossible to schedule a date when all of our attendees and interested community members can be present.  Knowing that, we asked each attendee to fill out detailed reviews of the event which you can read at the link below. It’s our hope that these reviews will inspire you to ask questions at the town hall or reach out to us personally so that we can share more about the event, what we’re up to in San Diego, and all that’s going on in the Burnerverse.  We also encourage people who may be interested in attending the GLC in the future to dig in and see if you’re inspired by any of what the 2017 San Diego Contingent had to say.
To learn more about the experience
this year please read the attendee reviews
(Unedited and as received by attendees)
For more in depth Q & A please attend the
San Diego GLC Town Hall on May 21st at 5:00pm at CoLab