2015 Burning Man Midway Projects

The 2015 Burning Man art theme, Carnival of Mirrors, includes a midway in which regional communities will “help create an interactive space that will house a panoply of strange and enchanting wonders.”
Two different San Diego based projects have been accepted for the midway!
Wonderlust Arcade
A vortex where time and space are merged combines oversized, interactive childhood games from the 80’s, with a 20’s aesthetic of San Diego’s midway legacy, all housed within a mind bending trick of the eye, in which you begin as yourself and end as a giant! Find secret doors to emerge into another dimension which is ruled by a handmade pipe organ for your playing delight until reality calls you once again back to the Midway!!  Find us on Facebook.
Dr. Hyas Balze Boardwalk Soul Exchange
The Soul Exchange is a carnival game booth extraordinaire, with a twist. In order to play, you must allow your soul to be weighed and participate in a soul exchange. This Midway project represents a collaboration of artists, planners, and performers who are creating a stage set for the game of imagination. Highly participatory and highly interactive, Dr. Hyas Balze Boardwalk Soul Exchange is an epic journey into building community and art through play! Find us on Facebook and follow Dr. Balze on twitter.