Be A Part of the YOUtopia Production Leadership Team (PLT) for 2022!

The SDCAP Board of Directors is recruiting for the Production Leadership Team (PLT) for YOUtopia 2022. These volunteer roles have specific responsibilities and requirements outlined below. If you’re interested in joining the team, please review the information on this page and use the application link below to apply.

Job Description / Responsibilities

YOUtopia is 100% volunteer-led and volunteer-run, and joining the Production Leadership Team (PLT) is a great way to give back to our community, develop new skills, and make a difference at the event you love to attend.  The Production Leadership Team is tasked with the selection of the Department Management Team (DMT) for the event, providing guidance and oversight to the Management team, coordinating with the SDCAP Board of Directors, negotiating vendor contracts, and creating and maintaining the budget in order to provide a stable platform for the community to create YOUtopia.

The PLT is a small group of approximately 5 people who are responsible for the strategic leadership of YOUtopia. Team members are accountable and responsible to each other in all their decisions/actions and report directly to the Board. 2022 is the second year we are employing the PLT model, and our hope is to build on the great successes the team recognized in 2019. 

We are looking for people with Subject Matter Expertise (SME) in the following divisions:

Admin: Provides administrative, contract administration, and risk management (insurance) support for the Production Leadership Team of YOUtopia.  Coordinates, trains and supervises Department Managers to perform certain specific tasks in order to maintain and manage the flow of information and data.

Content: Empowers artists and participants at YOUtopia by managing art grants and camps. Coordinates, trains & supervises Department Managers who manage placement, art, and sound curation.

Enculturation: Creates space for community participation to explore and promote the 10 Principles of Burning Man to foster a YOUtopia that is radically inclusive and invites the stranger.   Coordinates, trains and supervises Department Managers to raise the visibility of the 10 Principles and create content that helps educate our community.

Perimeter/Traffic/Vehicular Management: Responsible for all perimeter, entry, traffic flow, parking, and exit operations at YOUtopia. Coordinates, trains and supervises Department Managers to manage perimeter and transportation system, gate operations, and parking lots.  

Logistics: Responsible for on-site infrastructure, including food, shelter, equipment, and supplies.  Intensive coordination with other core event operational divisions, Theme Camp, and artist support. Coordinates, trains and supervises Department Managers to manage the flow of equipment, personnel, and resources to support the event infrastructure, Theme Camps, and artists.

Safety: Responsible for monitoring most aspects of physical and environmental safety pre, during, and post-event. Coordinates, trains and supervises Department Managers and professional paid staff to ensure best practices are met to ensure the safety of all participants and volunteers.

Reports to

SDCAP Board of Directors


  • One (1) discounted admission ticket to YOUtopia 2022 plus access to purchase one (1) discounted Gratitude admission ticket.
  • Occasional meals/snacks at meetings
  • Leads Team SWAG
  • Fuel reimbursement for pre-event/post-event site visits and Production Leadership Retreat

Position Summary

Work under the direction of the Board to:

  • Attend planning meetings with the production team, in person or via video stream
  • Collaborate and work in good faith with other members of the Production Leadership Team and the Board; Collaborate effectively with co-leads (where applicable) and act as a point of contact for logistics; 
  • Vet, train, schedule and manage Department Managers before, during, and after the event
  • Plan and lead team meetings, training, and social functions as needed
  • Delegate work to Department Managers as needed and oversee work quality
  • Track volunteer hours worked, and log them in our event management software 
  • Keep accurate records and documentation of all expenses and planning materials within the approved budget
  • Act as mentor and mediator to team members under the direction of the Board
  • Understand and evolve mission based on experience and feedback

Knowledge, Skills, and Experience Requirements

  • Has attended YOUtopia at least 2 years
  • Has volunteered with YOUtopia as a Hub or Department Lead at least 1 year (or equivalent service at other 10 Principles events)
  • Understands the 10 Principles
  • Has a good sense of how business and event decisions are made in accordance with the 10 Principles (or a willingness to learn)
  • Able to work effectively with others of varying backgrounds, skill levels, and perspectives
  • Able to remain calm and balanced in stressful situations, and able to use sound judgment when making decisions
  • Has personal computer, mobile phone, access to the internet, and the ability to use Google Drive tools, and any other business tech deemed necessary (or willing to learn)
  • Able to regularly attend Production meetings in central San Diego
  • Has not been dismissed or disqualified from volunteer service at a past Regional Event or at Burning Man

Working Conditions

  • Regular monitoring of our email channel is a requirement. Participation in other discussion channels will be collaboratively determined among members of the PLT. 
  • Regular attendance at production planning meetings is a requirement. The scope, nature, and frequency will be collaboratively determined among members of the PLT. 
  • Some time is spent at CoLab for meetings, training, and work parties.
  • Some local travel and errands may be required.
  • YOUtopia attendance is mandatory:
    • The PLT must conduct daily production team meetings at the event.
    • On-call duty is required for many of the PLT during department operational hours at the event.

Time Commitment

These estimates are generalized across all departments; each department is slightly different based on the timing and volume of its workload. 

  • May ‘20 – June ‘20: approximately 7 hours per week
  • July ‘20: approximately 10 hours per week
  • August ‘20:  approximately 10-20 hours per week
  • September ‘20: approximately 20 hours per week
  • October ‘20 during the event: most Leads are on shift or on-call for part of the event
  • Oct ‘20 – November ‘20 (or until it’s finished): 10-20 hours per week to wrap up and complete the AfterBurn Report

Selection Process

Applications are open now. Best Qualified candidates will be invited to interview privately with the BOD on a rolling basis.

Interested candidates are encouraged to attend a minimum of 2 Board Meetings prior to being interviewed. 

If you have questions you’d like answered before submitting an application, please contact us: