A Burning Call: Time for Principled Action

While we are all getting our houses in order, and doing the most compassionate aide we can by closing down our social and work spaces to Stay at Home, it is becoming apparent that we have the skills and gumption at our disposal to help in the more immediate fight against the pandemic. Community members have reached out asking if there are opportunities for us to safely rally the local Burning Man community and its resources to be of service.

Our Benefactors

In forming a game plan, we have reached out to Hearth Connection, a non-profit in Minnesota that focuses on feeding Burner’s in need, to look at their model of community engagement. They have responsibly set up a network of makers to assist in creating much needed medical supplies and the means to get them distributed. We are also working closely with them to get maker resources, raw materials and funds into the hands of those here in Southern California who can most effectively use them.

CoLab is closed

This means we have effectively locked-up one of our community resources, the CNC laser, but we are working mightily on a plan to activate the community remotely. Additionally, we believe it may be possible to set up a plan for the physical use of CoLab. Regardless of the location, we are in discussion and planning to execute a plan responsibly. And we are certain that everyone can be of service, so stay tuned for Part 2, The Plan!

How you can help

So, for that mentioned call… We are earnestly seeking experienced local Burners to lead the COVID-19 Response Project. An SDCAP Working Group has already identified available resources and is in urgent need of a

  • Project Manager, 
  • Communications Lead, 
  • Volunteer Coordinator and 
  • Supply Chain Manager 

to form an elite team. This team would immediately begin the formation of a viable and safe network of community productivity.
Please reach out by email (president@sdcap.org) if you have the experience we are looking for and we will fold you into the Working Group. If you’re chomping at the bit to get involved and start working, Part 2 of this call will let you know whom to reach out to directly. We will also be coordinating town halls via Zoom in the very near future so that the community at large can stay up-to-date.

Get to work now

Face Mask Sewing Stitch-N-Bitch
Sunday, April 5th, 1p-3p

In the meantime, the Education Team at CoLab has already arranged an online course on making your own personal protective mask at home. For this class and a complete listing of all CoLab ONLINE classes offered, check eventbrite.com.
Dan Reeves
San Diego Collaborative Arts Project