SDCAP Meeting Minutes, February 10, 2016

In Attendance
Board Members: Jenn, Colin, Jake, Cable, Paul, Lisa, Touch (remote)
Board Members Elect: Stephanie, Cassy, Curt
Others: Bob, Meg, Fin, Jasmine, Natural, John Ray, Jackal
Called to order by Jenn at 7:02
Colin moves that we approve the previous minutes, Lisa seconds, present members unanimously approve.
Treasury report: $106,903.06 in the bank.  Gate for Colab went 25% over budget.  Youtopia insurance claim progressing.
Colab update: Arc welder donated.
GLC Discussion:  Expected that 11 people will go.  
Jake moves that we pay for tickets for the 8 non-Regional Contacts to go to the Burning Man Global Leadership Conference and give all eleven a travel and lodging stipend of $400 each.  Jenn seconds.  Board approves.
Meeting adjourned at 9:21

SDCAP Meeting Minutes January 27, 2016

In Attendance:
Board members: Jenn, Paul, Nicole, Colin, Danksa, Cable, Touch, Jake
Non-board members: Jon, Natural, Bob, Meg, Stephanie, Jasmine
Meeting called to order at 7:09
Meeting minutes from last meeting: Colin moves to “approve the minutes”, Paul seconds, board approves.
Treasury report
Balance: $111,897.76
Colab update from Jon and Natural
Colin moves that “SDCAP should spend $2,000 for Brandon Stollenwerk’’s to install a security fence at colab,” Nicole seconds, board approves.
YOUtopia update from Jake
Jake motions “that we pay for the grill”, Jenn seconds, board approves.
Closed session begins at 8:01, ends at 8:19
Open session starts again at 8:20
Cable moves that “we add a 10th seat for a term of 1 year”, Paul seconds, board approves.
Paul moves that “we accept Jasmine as election proctor for next year”, Touch seconds, board approves.
Meeting adjourns at 8:33 pm.