SDCAP Board Member Results

Due to a tie in the voting for new board members, the SDCAP board has decided to add an additional seat for one year. This brings the total to ten board members. The board members being appointed are:
Dominic Antonio Moretto
Cassa Frass
Stephanie Indigo
Curt Benedetto
Touch / Greg Davidson (returning for a one year term)
Welcome to the board members, and thank you to everyone who participated in the discussion and voting.

SDCAP Board Meeting Minutes, January 13, 2016

Board members in attendance: Jenn, Colin, Lisa, Jake, Paul, Touch, Cable
Non-board members (running for the board): Stephanie, Curt, Cassy, Ramiro, Dominic
Others in attendance: Jasmine, Dag
Meeting called to order at 7:09
Paul proposes that we accept the 12-16-2015 minutes, Jenn seconds, unanimously approved.
Treasurer update: $111,792.76 with all Youtopia expenses paid.
Colab update: slow lately, potential glass and jewelry shop. Storm water inspection.
Election update: Town Hall at Colab January 24th starting at 1pm, online election is January 19-26.  Decision will be announced on January 27th.
Youtopia update: just odds and ends left.
Meeting adjourned at 8:08

2016 SDCAP Elections

If you would like to participate in the upcoming election for SDCAP Board members, there are two options available for you to vote. (You can choose one or the other, but NOT both. 😀 )
There will be an SDCAP winter town hall at colab on Sunday, January 24th, starting at 1:00 p.m. You will be able to meet and greet the candidates at the town hall, and then vote for them in person. Polls close at 5:00 pm.
If you’re unable to attend the town hall on the 24th, you can vote online. In order to be able to vote online, you MUST register. To register for online voting, please fill out this form (note, if you filled this form out last year, you will STILL need to do so again this year in order to qualify for online voting). Here’s a link to the online form:
Online voting will begin on January 19th, and end on January 26th. Once you register, you will receive an email with a link to submit your votes online.
Votes will be counted and reviewed by the SDCAP Board at the board meeting on January the 27th. The newly elected members will be announced after that meeting.
If you’d like more information about the candidates, you can view their bios on this website. There are 4 open seats, and a total of 6 candidates, with one board member (Touch) running for reelection.

SDCAP Meeting Minutes, December 16, 2016

In attendance:
Board members: Jenn, Colin, Cable, Jake, Nicole, Danksa
Non-board members: Ramon, Jon Ray, Curt, Stephanie, Dag
Board members absent: Paul, Touch
Jenn calls meeting to order at 7:10 PM
Review and approve previous meeting’s minutes
Jenn moves that we approve minutes, Nicole seconds, board approves
CoLab report
Jon Ray gives colab report
Selection criteria discussion: start thinking of possible participants, create a form for potential applicants
Charitable giving
DIscussion of donation to Burning Man Project or other Burner-related non-profit
Grants to other regions to help them attend the GLC
Seed money for a new regional
YOUtopia wrap up
After Burn report to be compiled by RC’s (Fin to work with Bob for his part, Meg has safety, Colin to send Dada Scientists data)
Cable discusses feedback survey results
Closed session begins at 8:45
Closed session ends. Meeting adjourned 9:07.

Youtopia 2015 Financials

Here are the final financial numbers for Youtopia 2015.  Feel free to direct any questions or comments to
Also, the Dada Scientists put together lots of fun, interesting, and unofficial numbers about Youtopia 2015 here.