SDCAP Meeting Minutes, December 2, 2015

SDCAP board meeting, 12/2/2015
In attendance:
Board members: Jenn, Cable, Jake, Nicole (remote), Paul, Greg (remote), Colin
Non-board members: Meg, Stephanie Indigo, Curt, Dag, Jasmine, Dean
Review and approve previous meeting’s minutes
Jenn moves to approve previous meeting minutes, Cable seconds, board approves
Treasury report
Balance as of 12-2-2015: $120,407.78
Jasmine gives report on 2016 election process
Paul’s Art Grant Proposal
Website stuff
Discussion of website for San Diego Burner community
Logistics discussion; selecting attendees who aren’t board members; general discussion of the GLC; subsidizing another region to get to the GLC
YOUtopia wrap up
Afterburn report discussion and timeline
San Diego Decompression
Colin presents idea
Meeting adjourns at 8:34 pm

SDCAP Meeting Minutes, November 11, 2015

Board members: Jenn Giddens, Cable, Colin, Touch, Danksa, Jake, Nicole, Paul
Non-board members: Jon Ray, Natural, Dag
Jenn calls meeting to order at 7:09
Touch moves to approve last meeting’s minutes, Danksa seconds, board approves
Meetings rescheduled due to holidays: 12/2/2015, 12/16/2015
Treasury Report
Cable requests that all YOUtopia leads wrap up getting receipts in so that we can close out the year
Colab update
Town hall budget discussion and budget proposal
Dag requests $360 for food and beverages
Colin moves that “we fund the SD Burning Man Town Hall for $360”, Jenn seconds, board approves
Leads feedback form
New email addresses
Follow up on Gaia’s gathering/ceremony, trauma/grief support, and counselors
Closed session
Touch moves that we “reaffirm and endorse our current YOUtopia co-orchestrators”, Jenn seconds, board approves.
Jenn adjourns meeting at 8:55

SDCAP Board Nominations and Voting

Have you ever wanted to serve on the board of SDCAP? Do you know someone who you think would make an amazing addition to the SDCAP board? Well now is your chance to tell us!
Nominations are NOW OPEN.

There are 4 positions open. Three of them are 3 year terms, and one of them is a one year term.
Please email with your nominations. Please include your/their name (real and playa if applicable) as well as contact information. All nominations will be confirmed via email.
Nominations will be open from today until December 23rd. Elections themselves will be held at a date TBD in late January.
If you have any questions, please send an email.

Voting Registration
If you are a member of the San Diego Burning Man community, you can register to vote in our upcoming SDCAP board election here.