SDCAP Meeting Holiday Schedule

The SDCAP board of directors has regular meetings on the second and fourth Wednesdays, from 7-9PM at Colab.  These meetings are open to the public.  Because of the holiday schedule this year, the November 25th meeting will be canceled, and December will move to a first and third Wednesday schedule, so the meetings will be December 2nd, and December 16th.  You can always check our event calendar for up to date information.
In addition we are having a Fall Town Hall and SDCAP Board Election kickoff on Sunday, November 22nd at Colab.  Presentation and creative activities from 3:30 to 5:30, Music, food and drinks till 9.
There will have information about the election process and information for people who are interested in being on the board of directors.  We will ask you for ideas about what we can do to make this community serve you better, and will present and look for more ways that people can get involved in community projects.
We will have plenty of food and soft drinks! Hot dogs, vegi dogs baked beans (vegi and bacon), and mac & cheese! We will also have lots of iced sodas, water, and juice, thirst is not an option! Please feel free to bring any additional beverages to share during the after party.

SDCAP Meeting Minutes, October 28, 2015

Board members present: Jenn, Cable, Lisa, Jake, Paul Colin, Touch
Non-board members present: Stephanie, Bob
Called to order by Jenn at 7:06
Closed session, ended at 8:35
Non-board members present: Gaia, Johnny, Meg, Kerin, Dag
Treasury Report: $159,816.24
D&O insurance, mail pickup, YOUtopia leads feedback, Youtopia 2016 site selection
Minutes Jenn motioned to approve the 9/30/2015 minutes, Cable seconded, unanimously approved.
Youtopia related trauma / grief processing.
Colin moves that we fund up to $1,000 for therapy by Shannon Clare Petitt related to grief / trauma due to the death at Youtopia. Paul seconds, board unanimously approves.
Meeting adjourned at 10:35

You can view a full history of SDCAP minutes here.

SDCAP Meeting Minutes, September 30, 2015

Board Members in Attendance: Colin, Jake, Paul, Jenn, Cable, Nicole (internet)
Non-Board Members: Jim, Meg, Dean, Dag
Meeting called to order at 7:28 by Jenn.
Paul moves to approve 9/16/2015 minutes, Cable approves. Board unanimously approves.
Treasury Report: current balance is $196,087.88
Youtopia Report: Items discussed included low income tickets, ingress plan, lead morale, cash handling and purchasing procedures, big picture stuff.
Colin moves that Cable is authorized to get a credit card for Jake for Youtopia purchases. Paul seconds. Board unanimously approves.
Lisa (board member) joins the meeting.
Executive Director Role: discussion.
Cable moves that we accept Christina Hebert’s proposal to provide CPA services to the board including quarterly review of SDCAP books and annual submission of tax forms in return for two Youtopia tickets. Jenn seconds. Board unanimously approves.
Meeting adjourned at 9:12

You can view a full history of SDCAP minutes here.