SDCAP Board Meeting Minutes April 22, 2015

4/22/15 SDCAP Meeting Minutes
Board members in attendance: Greg, Jenn, Cable, Lisa, Nicole, Colin, Persepsion (remote)
Non-board members: Dean (Executive Director), Natural, Jon Ray, Allie
Call to order: 7:03
Jenn motioned to approve the minutes from 4/15/15, and Colin seconded.  They were approved unanimously.
Treasury report:

  • $61,162.52 as of 4/22/15
  • Jenn moved to pass the GLC budget, Nicole seconded.  Passed unanimously.

Colab discussion:

  • Colab will report directly to the board, with a briefing on the first meeting of the month
  • Nicole and Jenn will review Dean’s audit of Colab and Colab’s response.

Closed session
Adjourn 9:16

You can view a full history of SDCAP minutes here.

SDCAP Board Meeting Minutes April 15, 2015

SDCAP Minutes April 15, 2015
Board members in attendance: Chris “Cable” King, Colin Jemmott, Paul McCarthy, Lisa “Danksa” Walden, Jenn Giddens
Non-board members: Dean Koci (Executive Director), Meg King, Sean “Natural” Nash, Jon Ray
Call to order 7:08
Treasury update: Cable has been added to bank accounts at Mission Fed CU.  As of 4/8/15 we have $64,683.77
Motion: No member or employee of SDCAP can issue checks or other payment to themselves, or a person or entity with whom the situation may present a conflict of interest, without approval of the board.  Paul motions.  Jenn seconds.  Motion passes unanimously.
Items Discussed:

  • Global Leadership Conference Highlights and the van breakin.
  • SDCAP Website
  • SDCAP Expulsion Policy

Approval of minutes for 3/25 was unanimous.
8:30 Jake (board member) and Bob (non-member) joined the meeting.
Items Discussed:

  • Report from Colab and discussion of liaison role.
  • Report from Youtopia

Adjourn 9:20

You can view a full history of SDCAP minutes here.

SDCAP Board Meeting Minutes March 25, 2015

SDCAP Board Meeting Minutes for March 25, 2015
Board members present: Jenn, Jake, Paul, Lisa, Colin, Cable, Touch (starting at 7:30 via phone)
Others present: Dean, Meg, Martin, Amanda, Kim, Marie, Steffanie, Alexandria, Jim Robs
Called to order at 7:10
Jenn motions to approve the minutes of our last meeting.  Paul seconds.  Passed unanimously.
Treasury report: Dean.  Our accounts contain $67,758.09
Kim: Proposed Sexual Harassment Policy for SDCAP.
Youtopia update: Jake and Jim Robs.
9:04 Proposal: Remove Christian Harrison access from all SDCAP bank accounts, and add Christopher King. Jenn motioned, Lisa seconded.  Passed unanimously.
Adjourn at 9:08

You can view a full history of SDCAP minutes here.

Youtopia Safety Townhall Meeting Recap

A public townhall meeting to discuss safety at Youtopia was held at colab on May 9th, 2015.
The areas where people expressed the most concern about YOUtopia safety were:
Being able to locate someone with a radio in an emergency
The presence of non-participants (gate crashers).
Incident reporting and record keeping procedures.
Sexual assault/rape/lurkers/creepers.
Consent, consent policies, consent culture.
A safe environment.
CPR/1st aid/green dot training for camps and individuals.
Confrontational participants.
Participant and volunteer liability.
Underage drinking.
Unattended children/lost parents.

The Safety Hub Leads discussed:
The new Safety Stations that are being implemented around the event.
New reporting and accountability processes, including the new Dispatch Department.
Civic Responsibility, including being a self-policing community and not assuming “someone else” will handle an issue.
Upcoming opportunities for local Ranger training.
Camp and individual proactive leadership in terms of safety and consent issues.
Security and volunteer perimeter observation.
The role of Rangers at the event.
The role of paid security at the event.
The role of Medical at the event.
The role of Fire Safety at the event.
The role of participants in terms of safety and security issues.
Community Leaders discussed:
Upcoming meetings to discuss and create talking points on consent culture.
Ideas from theme camps regarding commitments to consent culture behavior and language, signage, and proactive enculturation.
Self defense and its role at festivals.
Many of these areas will be part of the planned roll out of information from now until YOUtopia this year, so details on most of these topics are being prepared in the form of community announcements, website and event guide information, email blasts to ticket holders, and any number of public planning meetings for related topics.

If you have questions or concerns about safety at Youtopia, please contact