YOUtopia 2016 AfterBurn Report

YOUtopia 2016 “Choose Your Own Adventure”

Welcome to the 2016 YOUtopia Afterburn Report!
By all accounts YOUtopia 2016 was an exceptional event! We had an amazing lead team that worked hard and had each other’s backs pre-event and on-site.
We are excited to share the results of our collaboration in the following pages!
YOUtopia is organized by San Diego Collaborative Arts Project. The 10-person board of SDCAP selects 2 Producers to organize YOUtopia. The Producers organize a team of 5 Hubs who in turn each organize a group of 4-6 departments. Departments are responsible for managing a specific piece of the planning and production of YOUtopia.
With 423 volunteers recruited pre-event, altogether we are a community of about 500 volunteers involved, at various levels of commitment, to the annual effort of organizing YOUtopia.
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HazzMatt, In&Out Hub Lead

Our In & Out Hub had a remarkably smooth ingress and egress, with the longest wait in line estimated at about 20 minutes.
Curt Benedetto
Curt, Content Hub Lead

Our Content Hub tweaked the event layout and mixed the placement of theme camps and art installations with great success and appreciation from the community.
Colin, Logistics Hub Lead

Knottyboy, Logistics Hub Lead

Our Logistics Hub was organized, hard-working, eager to help and went above expectations to setup our event infrastructure.
Jasmine, Admin Hub Lead

Our Admin Hub worked hard on-site and pre-event to keep us all organized, informed and well-prepared.
Meg, Safety Hub Lead

Our Safety Hub leveled up our profesional attitude toward safety, educated the population and did a considerable amount of pre-event training that helped lead to the safest YOUtopia to date.
Jon Ray, Producer
Jon Ray, Producer

Jake Holler, Producer
Jake, Producer

Our Producers organized the leads team, kept us focused, and worked to maintain the big picture.
Scientifically speaking, you loooove pie charts and graphs. Check out the hilarious and informative 2016 YOUtopia Census results from the Dada Scientists.
Check out our Event Finances.
Hat tip to all the volunteers, artists and participants for your contribution to what everyone is calling the best YOUtopia yet!
Area 9, from the top of the Temple

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